Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Things run out...

…we run out of time, out of money, out of gas.
There’s not enough hot water, food, or supplies.
We’ve run out of patience, strength, compassion.

We are finite.
Everything around us is finite.

Even something that seems as infinite as the ocean viewed from a sandy shore, ends somewhere over the horizon.

We live in a finite world and because we do we cannot grasp the infinite.

Unconditional love.
Eternal life.
An always faithful God.
Forgiveness for every sin.
Grace enough to cover every need.
The unending, unwavering desire of God for us to be close to Him.

Perhaps for many days I manage to be faithful, to be loving, to be compassionate and helpful and serving, then I’m not.
My determination is finite.
My abilities are finite.
My love is finite.

Yet, He calls me saying “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”
I answer “I will love you for all my life Lord.”
But actually all I give is just this moment because it’s all I can hold at a time.
The only thing I know I’ll have, is what I have right now.

How sorry an exchange – His everlasting love for my momentary devotion, until something else that is finite catches my attention and I pursue it, until it ends and I come back to the infinite, again offering my finite love, until my money runs out, or my motivation, or my peace and again I am off scrambling for the temporal.

My mind is finite. I cannot comprehend the concept of anything that is never ending. So I am amazed that God continues to love me and calls me back to Himself again
and again
and again
and again
and yet again
and yet another time
ad infinitum. . .


Karen said...

Amazing how you express so well what I've been thinking about!

chrisd said...

I thank God for His unending source of love and faithfulness.

I'm a mess (can't speak for you, Becky) and anything good in my life is from God. Period.