Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is my God

I have this electric bluish teal wicker furniture.
It's loud, it's ancient, it's decrepit, and it's not going anywhere.
It spent last summer covered in sheets.
Something must be done - something!
Losing it is not an option, neither is painting it; it looks like putting up with it might be my only choice...

So while I was moving it around trying to figure out if there was at least a better way to configure it I noticed something I took some measurements, some very thorough measurements, and made some very detailed notes.

Off to the local super Wal-Mart for milk and paper towels and a stop in the fabric department; if I could find the right fabric I might be able to make it look better. This is a temporary fix, and I don't even know if it will work so I can't spend a lot on it...

And there it was, propped up in the front of the bin of fabrics marked $1 a yard, a fabric with tiny blue flowers the same shade as my bright blue furniture! If I'd designed it myself it couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you Lord!

With all my measurements I was sure I needed 7 yards; but there were 9 on the bolt.
At a dollar a yard I bought it all - just in case.
Well, let's just say that after I was done with the cushions, I have new understanding of the "measure twice, cut once" adage...!
My new fabric on some very old cushions visibly improved the entire room - I'm thinking of calling HGTV so they can feature me on one of those frugal design shows...

What amazed me the most was not my clever design triumph but this: there are times when the Almighty God of heaven steps into the minutia of our lives: here this fabric was there waiting for me, exactly what I needed, and the actual amount I needed (given my faulty calculation skills).

We know from Matthew that God knows when a bird falls and has numbered the hairs on our heads; we know that in a cerebral kind of way, or maybe we think it's just exaggerating to make a point. But when something like this happens it moves that understanding to a whole new place. My heart is in a place of wonder as I again realize, "This is my God!"

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party of eight said...

wow, becky, that is awesome. i think it all turned out great... isn't that awesome when God blesses us like that you can almost imagine him smiling about it.