Friday, July 13, 2007

Making the Right Choice

It's allergy season.

This means that every room of the house has a half empty box of kleenex in it and some rooms even have two! I'm up right now at an hour unrecognizable to me because I can't breathe.

Inadvertently I'd bought a box of Puffs Plus, tissues with lotion, and I discovered that they are wonderfully soft. The next time I went to replenish the kleenex supply I intentionally sought out more of this brand.

I found them and they were expensive so I stood in the aisle seeing if I could justify to myself spending practically twice what the other tissues were to get this kind that I'd liked. I was buying several boxes so it took me a while to rationalize it all out and put the softer tissues in my cart.

Those tissues sit beside me now as I write and every time I've grabbed one, I've been grateful that I made the right decision. After weeks of the joys of pollen, my nose is still not raw, and though they were close to three dollars a box, a still intact nose, as the commercials would say, is "priceless".

It doesn't matter how much extra I paid for these tissues because whatever it was, it was well worth the price for the benefits I have gained: even though I waffled about buying quality over the economical choice.

I had a geometry teacher in high school that would say that every time we had a choice to make, what we chose would impact our character. If we made the easy choice it would weaken us, if we made the hard choice it would make us stronger. I had no idea what he was talking about, I was just happy to be taking a break from hearing about angles and proofs so he could talk philosophy all he wanted.

Now though I understand: and through this silly example I'm saying the same thing. Making the right choice doesn't mean it will be the easier one, it may be the one that will cost you more initially.: more time, more effort, more emotion...but if it's the right choice to make it will have benefits beyond what we can initially see.

And in the grandest scheme of all things, here is where faith comes in. God gives us these things for us to do and things to avoid. Some of them are pretty obvious, others I've puzzled over and then there are some that when push comes to shove, like praying for your enemies, it seems just too hard of a choice to execute. But these are God's words, the choices He says are best for us, and I can only trust that if I spend the extra effort that there will be enduring benefits far beyond my expectations.


chrisd said...

I'm so glad I came by.

Puffs Plus are the only thing to buy for allergies or colds. They are worth every penny. And the Kleenex ones w/the lotion-sandpaper w/oil. ugh

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Becky!

Jennifer said...

this is so true. i am glad you bought what made you feel better.