Sunday, April 6, 2008

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds
I'm planting seeds today - basil to be exact.

I bought basil this winter and couldn't believe how much it cost me.
So now I'm planting seeds.

They're so small though; it's hard to remember what they'll become in three months.

There are other seeds I'm planting:tucking my children in at night
emails, chats, and phone calls
times for coffee
listening purposefully

I don't know, exactly, what these will blossom into but I can suspect the high price I could pay later if I don't invest now -
children who are not confident in a parent's love,
friends with whom I'm no longer connected,
loneliness as love needs to be given to be received,
and poor judgment as I have not learned from the experience of others.

I know that if I eat a 1/4 cup of blueberries a day it lowers my chance of something by a significant percentage, if I exercise regularly I may not pay the price of an infirmed body as I age - seeds I'm sowing; tiny, tiny things that will become exponentially greater than what they are now.

What seeds should I sow?

Which ones need to be thrown in the trash instead of the soil of my days?

Which ones need to be sown in the lives of those around me?

What seeds do I need to plant in my own heart?

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party of eight said...

powerful reminders... you are such a good writer.