Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jump In!

Hot. Humid. Oppressive.
The type of day when you start sweating the moment you walk out the door.

A day filled with the regular somewhat tedious stuff that makes up a typical 24 hours; nothing great or awful but the constant oppression of the heat draining every last reserve of patience and contentment.

A peeling off of sweat drenched socks and heavy shoes and then…
…and then bare feet taking a short walk off a springy board and a sudden enveloping of coolness and instant sensation of relief.

A glass of cold water wasn’t enough, a wet washrag over the face and back of the neck was not sufficient, it took plunging in and lingering under to find respite.

There are times that the temperature at which life is running is so high that it drains us of everything we’ve got and all measures of relief fall short of refreshment. When perhaps what restores us normally – taking a break, time with a friend, or entertaining media barely assuages the burning core.

Oh that we could plunge into the rejuvenating sea of God’s love and let the completeness of His faithfulness, goodness, and care envelope and support us. That it would wash over us so completely that we are encased in the trueness of His character allowing us to weightlessly float, serenely buoyed by the knowledge of His undergirding presence and omnipotence in our lives.

Take off your shoes and go down to the water’s edge.
Plunge in and let the realization of God’s boundless love envelop and rejuvenate you.

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thekingpin68 said...

Hello in Chicago,

Can't say I have ever been into diving myself.

Interesting blog.

Happy Weekend,

Russ (Blogger Next Blog)