Monday, February 4, 2013

"all that"

He was "all that".  He was all her heart desired although she didn't know it until she got to know Him; and as she did she found that to know Him was to love Him.

He had always loved her. He'd always been looking out for her and working things together for her good.
He wasn't her first love and even when she realized she loved Him, still her eye and attention wandered to others...

This grieved Him for He was jealous to be the only One in her heart but He never pouted, or gave up and stomped away.  Instead He continued to love; faithfully and lavishly in a thousand small ways until her eyes turned back to Him and only Him.

Her heart than remembered that she was His and even more amazingly that He was hers! Time had and would continue to pass and things would, as things must do, change. Yet His love never did: His attentions never faltered and from that history she knew they never would.

She had found that the One who had made her heart had fashioned it for Himself; so that in Him she would find all she needed and as she did gladly she trusted her heart to Him.

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