The Treasure of Jesus Women's Retreat

We have a God-given longing to develop our relationship with Christ, to sit at His feet and spend time in His presence.

But our lives are so busy that the important often gets lost in the urgency of the immediate.

There never seems to be enough time in the day, so we often forfeit spending extended time with the Lord.

This one-day retreat gives women the opportunity for quality time with their Lord, discovering rich spiritual treasures through guided periods of Scripture reading, prayer, and reflection. Throughout the day, women enjoy a treasure hunt for tangible "treasures," each of which is designed to help them discover a spiritual truth.

After spending a day centered on the preciousness of a relationship with Christ, each woman will leave with a binder of devotional readings and a treasure chest of items to remind her of her spiritual discoveries.

The beauty of this retreat is that I bring it all to you and all you need to provide is the food, the space, and the women! I provide files for promotional materials, binders with all the material for the retreat and devotions afterwards, and all the supplies for the treasure hunt (treasure chest included), and I will lead the sessions and work with the Coordinator to meet your unique needs. My hope is to provide you with an effective yet affordable priced experience that will continue to enrich the lives of your women long after they leave.

I'd love to work with you to craft something that would meet the needs of the women as a one-day retreat or an adapted version as a Girls Night Out.

This retreat is available throughout 2012.
Contact me for additional information!