Sunday, February 25, 2007

Startling Reflections

I do not like mirrors.

I hate mirrors.

Okay, not the mirror per sea, but what I see in the mirror. Does anyone ever look into a mirror and say “Wow!” well, anyone beside the Fonz?

Worse than what I see when I purposely look into a mirror is the revelation I get when I’m suddenly looking at a reflection that I didn’t seek out. The sudden illumination you get walking past store windows that reveal those jeans don’t look as great on you as you thought and that hairstyle really isn’t working.

I had a mirror thrust in front of my heart today in the form of a winter storm warning. The news came that a church a hundred miles to the north had cancelled its services because of the blizzard that was heading my direction.

Maybe our church would be cancelled too – wouldn’t that be great?!

Hello – what was that I just saw?

In the body of a faithful Christian and church attendee, Sunday school teacher and choir member was a heart that was hopeful that the snow would shut down the services and she’d have a “day off"...?

Is there an inconsistency here between the public and the private? The duty and the desire? Is this the heart that serves because it loves God?

So, I guess, as I would get out a brush after viewing my morning “fresh out of bed” reflection that now as I’ve glimpsed my heart, I know there is some work that needs to be done.

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chrisd said...

Or a nap. You might need a nap!