Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tools in the hand of God

I have to say that one of my favorite attributes of God is His constant presence.
God doesn't occasionally "pop" into my life to check out how things are going but He abides with me; there in every moment.

Because we are constantly in the presence of God He uses the ordinary things in our lives to draw our attention to Him. In essence this is the theme of everything I write - God in our everyday stuff.

Today God used a TV dinner to bring me into grateful worship.

I had warmed one up for lunch and it was...well, it was a frozen dinner - could have better, probably could have been worse...and I thought about how I never buy these dinners anymore but how for a year I bought a stack every couple of weeks. My mom had fallen and broken her hip and the best I could do in a culinary way was to make sure her fridge was full of food that was easy to get to and prepare. So there was lots of yogurt, oatmeal, applesauce and simple things, and a stack of frozen dinners - all varieties, all kinds of combinations and night after night she'd heat one up for dinner.

My mom is now in heaven and no longer does she have to eat tasteless meals from black plastic trays. Suddenly God used my bland lunch to cause me to praise Him that now she is feasting at His table and in His presence!

So keep your eyes open as you go through your day.

Let God use, as He chooses, the stuff around you to bring you into conversation with Him.

Let Him exalt something as simple as a TV dinner into an instrument of praise and an example of His love.

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