Friday, February 13, 2009


to a comedian it's what makes or breaks the joke
to a chef it's the difference between a perfect or a sunken souffle
and to the bomb guys on all those TV crime dramas it's - the - difference - between - cutting - the - right - colored - wire - at - the - very - last - second...! (whew, that was close!)

Timing is not as critical to the majority of us on an everyday basis beyond getting where you need to be on time but I was reminded how time is different when you travel.
I've switched time zones and while I think it's 6 o'clock everyone around me is operating as though it's 7 , which makes a big difference when you're coordinating dinner plans - and if you talking several time zones as in someplace as distant as Hawaii, you'd easily be off an entire meal!

Even though I feel one way about what time it is, the reality is that everyone else is on a different timetable. I could stick vehemently to what time I think it is but all it would get me is frustrated (and either late or early).

Quite often we find that God is not operating on the same time table that we are. We can fight or cajole all we want but if God's sense of timing is different than what we think it should be, we'll get nowhere but frustrated...

If crossing a time zone can teach us this concept, it's easier to understand that often "my (God's) ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:8) so then we can understandingly add "neither is God's time table always my time table."

Let's let God be God and trust that He does know what time it is.

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