Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kangaroo Care

You know that feeling; the one where you're all cuddled up with someone and relaxed, mid way between awake and asleep and your entire world consists only of this profound sense of peace?

I've just heard of the concept of "Kangaroo Care" in which a baby, most often a preemie, is cuddled skin to skin on the mother's chest with its ear to her heart. The mother's body temperature will change rapidly to regulate the baby's temperature; warming as the infant needs to warm or cooling if they are too warm. The infant sleeps more soundly, less oxygen is needed, and everything gets a little more regulated than before their time together. The infants gain weight more quickly, their crying decreases, and they experience greater periods of alertness. In was in the late 1970's in Bogota Columbia where, because of lack of incubators etc., this technique was implemented and consequently the infant mortality rate went from 70% to 30%!

Impressive isn't it; these health benefits of time spent in personal contact with a parent?

What if we could "kangaroo care" as God's child?
What if, when our hearts are at risk or in times of stress, we could strip off all pretenses and self-sufficiency and put our ear to God's heart?

Would His passion warm our coldness?
Would the even breathing of His faithfulness calm our panicked breaths?
Would there be less whining as more time was spent with the Savior?
Would we rest soundly knowing that we're held in the arms of the Almighty?
Would there be fewer who fall away from their faith?

If we could take the opportunity to spend extended time listening to God's heart wouldn't we come away more mindful of His desires for our families, our relationships, our careers, our activities, and everything about our lives? Wouldn't we come away more alert and focused?

Wouldn't it be a time of healing and restoration in our lives when we are worn down?
Would not pursuit of these times bless our hearts with God's peace?

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