Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Just in case you hadn’t notice the million ads on television or the four inch thick paper that arrived on Thanksgiving, today is Black Friday. This is the day that officially kicks off the Christmas shopping season with special sales that began at 3 am so, if you played your cards right, you could be done by breakfast!

I am sure that there were hundred of thousands who were out this morning and I know my girlfriend was one of them; only she wasn’t at the mall but instead cooking breakfast at a battered women’s shelter. Few are the things that motivate us to get out of our beds in the middle of the night; for some it may be the thrill of being in a crush of a holiday crowd (although I don’t know who!), for her it was the chance to do something for others and thereby show the love of Christ, and for some, out this morning, it was a sacrifice of their own comforts in order to afford a gift they know will bring a loved one great joy.

Many bemoan the fact that Thanksgiving has become the forgotten holiday as retailers rush us now, earlier and earlier, into Christmas with holiday displays and music as soon as Halloween but I think perhaps that we know something they do not. For you see Christmas is really an extension of Thanksgiving. We embrace this season of gift giving because we are thankful for the people in our lives. Sure there are some obligatory gifts that are given but aren’t most of your thoughts of what you can give to the ones you love? We are celebrating the coming of Christ because we are so grateful that God did not leave us forever separated from Him but has sent His Son for our redemption.

So bring on the sales, the trappings, the wonder and madness of it all because to a thoughtful heart it is the beginning of a prolonged season of giving thanks!

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