Monday, November 1, 2010

The Parable of the Princess

The streamers of ribbon and pearls rode the wave of long brown hair cascading down her back; her headdress telling all that she was special, she was royalty, for tonight she was the princess.

She was also the mom who had thrown on her daughter's crown as she was walking around with her family as they trick-or-treated. She was the rapidly aging woman who was realizing she was no longer as attractive, fearless, hope-filled, or energetic as once she was. She was all grown up now and, at the rate her kids were growing up, she’d too quickly become an empty nester. Her castle was filled with projects well intentioned but only begun and piles of responsibilities waiting to be sorted. Her lists were always longer than her hours and she’d discovered the white horse, that her knight had arrived on, involved a great deal of upkeep.

Her court of ladies brought her great joy however castle responsibilities left them little time for repose. There were the endless rounds of engagements to attend to and also constant threats to the peace of the kingdom.

The King however was the one who had placed this garland of loving kindness upon her head and bestowed upon her the honor of being a princess and His beloved daughter. He was in complete control of the happenings in the kingdom and always welcomed her warmly when she came into His throne room. No detail was too small for His attention and no threat too great for His power. She was dressed in rich flowing garments of praise and salvation and her table always abounded with the finest of food. Her heart was secure for the Almighty King was her protector and she served and worshipped Him as her Lord. He asked her total allegiance which she freely gave knowing that without His good favor she would still be dwelling in the shadowed outskirts of the castle. She now lived each day in His palace enjoying the nearness of His presence and the richness of His love. No matter what the responsibilities or difficulties; she would remember that, not only for tonight but also for all of eternity, she was His princess-with or without the ribbons.

(Taken from Psalms 103:4, John 1:12, Jeremiah 32:27, Isaiah 61:10, Psalms 55:7, Psalms 104:27,28, Psalms 23:5, Psalms 89:15, Psalms 56:13, Psalms 26:8, Psalms 27:5, Psalms 61:4, Hebrews 13:5)

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