Friday, January 14, 2011

What do you know?

I've been thinking about what I know.
Not in the "The sun is 93 million miles from the sun" type of knowledge but what do I know.
What do I believe?
What do I hold onto that gets me through the week?
What influences how I think, act, and live?

So, because this is how I process, I starting making a list.
I'd like to suggest that you do the same.
Because as I started to write down what I know I was reminded about what I already know, you know?

Jesus loves me
No matter what

I am never alone
Never on my own

There is plan for my life
If I understand it or not

Nothing happens to me randomly
God is working all things together for the purpose He has in mind

I'm not going to give you my whole list as it's still evolving but I will tell you that it is amazingly encouraging to know what you know!

Seriously, try it.
Write down six things that you know
Really know, down in the deepest part of who you are

I promise, you'll be encouraged and will say with me "How great is our God and how much we should praise Him!" Psalms 48:1 NLT


Lisa said...

I think this would be a good thing to do. Write down those things we KNOW are true. Then when satan tries to tell us lies, we can turn to the truth.
Thanks for this post.

chrisd said...

For me it would take about 30 of those things to finally get down to the good 6 that you have here! Excellent work as always!