Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When's your birthday?

I am a birthday girl.
I love birthdays!

Not mine necessarily, but yours.
I love the fact that there is a day to celebrate you and all you are to me and a perfect opportunity to tell you how glad I am you are in this world and in my world.

What about your other birthday? The one I grew up hearing called your "spiritual birthday"? What about that day that you accepted Christ as your Lord and your Savior - have you celebrated that?

It's a different kind of celebration; very personal and very awe inspiring.
For it is to realize that the Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, reached down and whispered to your heart and invited you to be His child.

Whatever day it was, however long ago it was, that was the day that you heard God's voice. He chose to speak to you. And consequently God has given you permission to speak your heart to him and hear his voice all the days of your life left here on earth and then forever as you will be with him in heaven.

So when is your birthday? I happen to know the date, but that's not of the utmost importance. What is important is that you know that you are a child of the King and that you chose a day to celebrate that: to let your mind dwell for that period of time on the grace that has been bestowed upon you.

Celebrate the God who let you hear His voice.

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice, and opens the door,
I will come in." Revelations 3:20

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