Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Sandwich Generation

All week long I keep thinking I need to call my mom and I don’t know why I’m feeling this way and it is so very strange...

I miss having parents. My dad died a lifetime ago, twenty- seven years, but my mom's been gone less than a year and I'm still thinking I should call her and see how she's doing.

When I think about it, my mom had gotten to that stage of life where she was more of someone who needed to be taken care of than someone who was still taking care of me.

There will be a point in which we will need to parent the parent and with that role reversal there is a sense of loss - that you are no longer someones child in that someone is still looking out for you - even if it's more of a perception than a reality.

Let me offer you a precious thought.
God does not age and will never grow feeble.

No matter what age you get to be you will still be his child and even more than that, He will still be as capable a father as He has always been.

Still stronger, wiser, and more aware of the big picture.
Still able to take on every bully.
Still able to provide every need.
Still possessing of a lap to crawl up into and a strong solid shoulder to rest a perplexed head when you need to know that someone loves you and will take care of you.

I've been thinking about the parents of my peers...some have died, some are estranged, some in very frail states, and others who are beginning to have more and more health concerns, and as the responsible children that we all are the coming years will mean the roles will keep shifting.

But no matter how our responsibilities here shift and when a parent has become that in name alone; take comfort, as I have in the fact that you will always have a Father who will care for you more lovingly and capably than any earthly parents ever could.

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kar.parsons said...

What a beautiful thought ... I love that!