Thursday, July 31, 2008

Enough to make a change

Some days the strangest things capture my attention…today it was the dish sponge.

I picked it up, turned on the water and watched it magically expand in my hand.

Forgetting the dishes I took out a new sponge for comparison and, although it was subtle, there was a visible difference. And of course there’s a functional transformation; have you ever tried to wash something with a dry sponge?

So what was the cause for this metamorphosis, from flat to full, from useless to useful?

A very little bit of water.

One-third cup, six tablespoons, a scant three ounces – an amount that wouldn’t even start to quench your thirst but it was enough to make a difference, a big difference, in this area…

“A word fitly spoken…” such a great phrase isn’t it? The right word at the right time, mere syllables compared to great speeches but something that could be powerful and make a difference.

A listening ear and a closed mouth.
A hug.
Silence when it would be easy to criticize.
A small task that wasn’t your responsibility but quietly done.
A note.
An email.
A phone call.
A helping hand.
A willing spirit.
A smile.
A kind word.

All of these very small, simple, seemingly minuscule acts but as it only took a little liquid to transform a sponge, what could a little thing do for the heart and spirit of another?

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