Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Step Right Up!

A room is full of church musicians who are participating in a reading session. In their hands is the newest of church music from a variety of publishers.

The director says “Let’s take a look at Just a Closer Walk with Thee” and everyone pulls out their music and sight reads through it both for enjoyment and a bit of research in thinking of what new anthems can be added to the church library.

Then there is a piece that says at the top, “For flute or C instrument” and all of a sudden the person in the second row, who was only a singer a moment before, reaches down, takes an instrument from a case and as the singing begins, so does their flute accompaniment…!

The first time I saw this happen I was totally floored – it was so amazing to see someone who saw a need and saw that they had the ability to fill it and so just stepped up and did it.

Would that we could be more that way in our lives and our churches: to see a need and respond by unpacking our gifts and abilities or wallets or sometimes just our physical selves and step up and step in a make the difference that we can.

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