Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tens of Thousands of Notes

(especially written for the attendees of the Conference for Church Musicians in Green Lake Wisconsin)

The choral anthem, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, has exactly one thousand three hundred sixteen notes: add to that the number from the improvisation of the accompanist and any additional instrumentation and there were easily over two thousand.

Okay, thanks for sharing, but so what?

During a conversation with composer Mark Patterson he shared that all this music we hold in our hands is the culmination of hundreds of revisions.

So, the anthem you heard today, that stirred your soul and lifted your heart to God, was not some random scattering of ink across the score but the result of purposeful placement.

And if we, as mere mortals, can craft such cadences that glorify our Creator, is not the Master Composer supremely capable to orchestrate every detail of your week here and the tens of thousands of notes you will hear to draw your heart to Him?

So that as you return to the place He has called you to minister, you will bring back not only more techniques and ideas but also a heart that is more deeply in love with Him.

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