Saturday, August 9, 2008

God and our Gadgets

I was watching a movie in which a billionaire was bored and decided to steal a painting from a museum, and then put it back just to see if he could do it. The whole movie is the revelation of this very intricate plan. He'd thought of every possibility and made provisions for it.

I have a GPS unit that can get me from here to there if I just turn where it says to turn. And, if I miss a turn, it's "recalculating" to give me a new course to follow to get me to where I am going.

We have personal computers that in seconds can give connect us to a website that originates ten thousand miles away.

With instant messaging and text functions we can contact someone virtually any time day or night. Ask a question and get an almost instantaneous response.

OnStar and the like have satellites that can keep track of exactly where millions of people are all at the same time.

My point?
We live in a great age for more easily understanding the abilities of God.

If someone with money could make an intricate plan to steal an unattainable painting, cannot God, as he is all powerful, have plans for us down to the smallest detail?

If a GPS unit can get me home even if there are many detours along the way, cannot God also safely get us to Himself, even if we take a few paths not on the original route?

Can I communicate with God although he is far away? Will He hear and respond?

Can God really hear and know about where everyone on earth is at the same time?

Of course the answer to all these questions is Yes.

But this it's not just about acknowledging that God is capable of doing all this but in the embracing of these things in your heart. I can have the ability to communicate with God but do I use it? When my life is suddenly off track, do I follow the directions I'm hearing to get back on the right path? When I feel all alone do I take comfort in the fact that God does indeed know where I am and what is going on in my life and can send help to my location?

So the next time you use your cell phone, get online, or access your GPS for directions - let these both remind and comfort you about the abilities and power of God.

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