Friday, August 29, 2008

What I do vs. Who I am

I have a blog, but I'm not a blogger.
I can swim, but I'm not a swimmer.
I can prepare a meal, but I'm not a chef.
I can balance a checkbook, but I'm not an accountant.

We wear many hats.
We have many responsibilities.
We have numerous abilities.
We are not proficient in most of them.
We do what we can with what we have.

I go to church on Sunday, but does it influence how I live on Monday?
I am a Christian, but do I know Christ?
I refer to God as Lord, but do I follow his commands?
I know how to pray, but do I engage in ongoing conversation or merely recite appropriate sentiments?

It is not critical that I am a blogger, a swimmer, a chef, or an accountant but…
It is crucial that if I claim the name of Christ that I know him, obey, and talk to him.

Being a Christian cannot be one of the things I do, it must be who I am.
It must become the essence that characterizes and defines everything else in my life; the hub from which everything originates. If I have invited him into my heart then I must also give him that authority to change it. But He is not a despot or a dictator – he does not rule my heart by threat of punishment but quite the contrary as He sways my heart by his absolute and unfailing love and as I am loved I am changed.

Think about it just for a moment: if there was a person in your life who loved you no matter what, who thought you were precious and treasured and would give up their time, strength, and even their life for you, what would your response be…?

His commands are not burdensome when He is the one providing the strength to carry them out. When I know that I will never be in a situation that He is not with me, or in a place where His grace and power do not surround me, and that no matter what I do, or do not do, that there is always a place at the table for me; why would I want to only be playing the part of a Christian and not enjoying the fullness of life available to me?

“Blessed is he that who fears the Lord, who finds delight in his commands.
Please hear this from a humble heart but I feel like exhibit A in the evidence that God is good to those who live by faith…”
(by the group 4Him and their song Psalms 112)

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party of eight said...

amen! i really appreciated your post!