Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Planting Hope

This year the procrastinator in me did not win because I’ve been given the gift of a second chance in the form of a 70-degree day in November to get my bulbs in the ground so that this spring there will be flowers.

I'm planting hope.
Working now for future results.
Burying ugly lumps of dried up flaky-skinned brown bulbs in expectation of colorful daffodils and tulips five months from now.

You, who are in ministry, you too are weekly consistently planting hope as you present God's Word in expectation that it will take root and blossom in lives.

You, who are parents, are planting hope that the things you've said a million times to your children will become the principles that guide them in their adult lives.

You, who are married, are planting hope as you sacrificially give your time, love, and attention to your spouse that when you reach your fiftieth anniversary it is because you still love each other and not that you just never got divorced.

You, who are a friend, are planting hope in the time you spend in contact with each other, electronically or in person that this relationship will grow only more intimate and sweeter as time goes on.

We plant hope constantly in all the different facets of our lives and it means that our hands get dirty and that we're not going to see immediate results...

You, who love Christ, are you planting seeds of truth in your life by opening God’s Word for yourself?
God promises over and over again that his Word will accomplish what He intends, it will never go out and be useless (Isaiah 55:10,11). It is building in us a foundation of truth and principles so that when we have a decision to make, we already know what is truth in our hearts. Spending time planting God’s word in our heart increases our faith because it opens our eyes to His hand on and in our lives.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for (Heb. 11:1) it makes substantive what isn’t currently there in confidence that it will be. Faith is taking action on what we can't see.

It is planting because it is confident there will be flowers.
Faith is hope with dirty hands.

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