Thursday, May 21, 2009


I put a mug (beep) of water to heat up in the microwave first thing this morning.
It's still there.

The reason I know it's still there is that every minute or so I hear a "beep" to remind me that there's something I need to get to. (beep)

Now since that time I've gotten kids off to school, talked to a friend, talked to my husband, checked the email, started a load of laundry and hung a load of laundry out on the line to dry (after of course the hunt for the clothespins (beep) that I used last fall the last time it was nice enough to hang out the laundry). I've made my grocery list for the day and jotted down a few other errands. All of these are good things, necessary things but I've yet (beep) to get back to the microwave for my hot (?) water.

Life is busy. It just comes at us.
We don't have to go searching for things to occupy our time, they're all around us, sometimes screaming for our attention (beep) but in all the demands it's so simple to become distracted from what's really important.

My husband was mentioning how, again, the sheets in our bed where all pulled out and again it (beep) was because the kids had all piled in that morning after being woken up for school (crazy kids) and we'd all laid around for a while goofing off. I (beep) reminded him that in five years he wouldn't be complaining about the sheets being untucked and in ten years there will be nothing but pictures around to remind us of kids living in the house...important stuff, loving your kids while you can (beep) even if the sheets get all messed up.

Important stuff also is loving our God and getting His perspective on our lives and current circumstances. (beep) but that's not always easy to do, given our lives of distraction. So how do we? How do we remember to do what's (beep) important and not only what's "in your face"?

I find that reminders help. I have a somewhat regular time frame and place where I spend (beep) time with the Lord. I've posted verses about the kitchen sink, where it seems I am constantly, for perspective and encouragement. (beep) For me I find that consciously putting reminders around, be a posted verse, or scheduled alarm on my phone, the verse of the day email from or placing a book in a conspicuous place are like the microwave's continual beeping (beep) quietly but faithful calling out to me to come to Him who promises me abundant life because it will be full (beep) of His power, presence, and strength.

But now, if you'll excuse me, I really need to go to the microwave and get (beep) that water!

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