Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember the good things

It's easy to focus on all that is wrong in our lives.

The negative things are like dark gloomy clouds that obscure the good things. Dreary days of rain make it hard to remember what it's like when the sun is shinning and everything is bathed in its warm beauty, because during a storm even the most spectacular flower garden looks dismal.

I'm a real visual person as in I have to see it to get it. Don't even think of showing me a 2 inch square paint sample and ask me how this color will look on the wall! I'd have to paint half the wall and then close one eye to tell you what I think!

So I have an idea, a variation on something that's been around forever: I'm going to make a collection to help me remember the good things. I'll be using a blank book and some glass flat stones from the dollar store. Each day I want to choose one good thing, one blessing, or one positive from that day, write it down and put a stone in my jar to symbolize that.

I invite you to join me; collect what you want - coffee beans, silk flowers, stones, or just the written words on a page.

It's almost the new season of summer, especially for those of us with kids going to be out of school. What if we went into these next three months determined to realize, recognize, and record each day some good thing, something we're grateful for? What kind of people would we be by the time autumn rolls around?

There will always be clouds. There will always be problems. There will always be some part of our lives that doesn't feel like we want it to.

Psalms 68:19 says "Blessed be the Lord God who daily loads us with benefits". If that's the case, I want to remember just one from each day and then be able to look at this pile of evidence in days to come and remember, no matter what clouds are in my sky, that God has been good.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Becky! I'll do it! I'll encourage my kids to get their own too. What a great idea!