Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Who IS this Boy?

They’re calling him Rob.
The coaches, the other players, calling my son Rob.
That’s not his name.
It’s Robbie.
For 10 years he’s just been Robbie.
Well I guess they just don’t know.
It sounds so strange.

They’re still calling him Rob but now it’s because now he’s earned it as his nickname.
He “robbed” the other team twice tonight, with two double plays.
He was chosen as the game’s MVP by his coach and given the game ball.
I don’t think he’ll be falling asleep before midnight he’s so excited.

I watch this Rob on the diamond and I hardly recognize him, long and lean in his baseball uniform: intense in his concentration, light and quick on his feet, cheering on his teammates, the first to pat a guy on the back and say “good job”.

Is this the same kid that leaves socks and books all over the house? Is this the same kid that eats dinner and is starving ten minutes later? Who makes copious lists of sports statistics and sets up fantasy teams and plays whole games with them in his mind? Is this the kid who finds his way onto my lap every time we sit down to watch TV? And jumps onto my bed every morning to wake me up?

Robbie is the kid I know, this kid who’s just changed into footed polar bear pajamas and wants me to come and kiss him good night.

This is my son.


chrisd said...

((((((((((()))))))) I remember when Sam called me "Mom."

Anonymous said...

Hi mom! I'm reading your blog and decided to leave a comment on my favorite one! Good Job!