Monday, March 24, 2008

Hope and Mud

I cleared my garden plot yesterday of all the leaves from the fall that had mounded on top of it through the winter.

It seemed like an appropriate day to do so, it being Easter Sunday.

As I pulled the leaves away I discovered that there were many green shoots that had been growing, unseen, beneath the soggy, decomposing leaves.


Hope in spite of dismal conditions, and oppressive circumstances.

Hope surrounded by mud.

Someday those shoots may develop into beautiful flowers that will only appreciate the exquisiteness of a cut crystal vase. They may bring joy to a friend by means of a bouquet. They may bring a smile to the face of one walking past the house.

Now, it's not much, but I guess that is the nature of hope - that in time what is wished for will bloom and do so beautifully - even if it is currently just a small desire in a bed of mud.

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