Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Life of Faith

I sat in a cemetery today and realized that I was surrounded by family members who had left me such a legacy of faith. My parents, grandparents, and an aunt: all of them who had lived a life of faith and now it was up to me. Their faith has been realized; home with their Lord.

When my children sit at my grave site or my grandchildren see my name, what legacy will I have left?

I don't think my parents ever did anything "great" for the Lord: they didn't write books, or go on speaking tours, although my dad did lead singing on TV when our church services were televised. But what I do know is that they were faithful: singing and serving, tithing and teaching Sunday school, just doing that day in, day out serving the Lord kind of stuff. Raising a family and being consistent in what they said and what they did. Nothing spectacular but significant nonetheless because of their influence I am who I am and doing what I am doing.

There is nothing like spending time among the dead to make one reassess how they're living.
I may end up doing nothing spectacular either by the time I've come to the end of my days, but I've realized again today that I just need to live faithfully - day in and day out - and trust that when all my days have been accounted for that my life will have also been significant.

And these words said of my life also"...they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord." Psalms 107:43

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Karen said...

. . . And their spiritual legacy lives on in you, and in everything you write here that encourages my faith and the faith of all those who read it!