Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Spring coming?

It feels like Spring is coming.
The night’s stay above 0 and the day temps are regularly getting to 40 and beyond! (And yes, it's crazy how "warm" those first 40 degree days feel and how we run out with only long-sleeves on as opposed to those first 40 degree days in the Fall where we're swathed in hats, gloves and scarves!)

There are little green stalks emerging from the flower beds and squirrels trying to eat them...
But the biggest indication of Spring is the receding of the snow. In some places it's totally gone and yet other parts of the same lawn still sport a solid ice pack.

It's all about where the sun has been shining; even though some areas are now greening and growing there are still these stubborn areas of frozenness; hold-outs resistant to a new season of growth. They are bitter and cold and they're going to stay that way.

A lawn is one thing but a heart is completely another.
Let the Son shine today in all the corners of your heart.
And watch in wonder at the new growth that will begin to flourish when you let Him shine His love on all that is cold in your spirit.

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