Monday, March 22, 2010

True Worship begins...

...with a set up like that I should have a profound way of finishing this sentence!

True worship begins...
...when your realize your brokenness and God's amazing grace.
...when you humble yourself before God.
...with an honest heart and open eyes.

True, aren't they?

But what I was going to say is that
True worship begins in the kitchen.

Do you have a place in which you can worship? Full out do and be whatever it is you're needing to be at that time in your worship? We come together to church to worship with stirring music and challenging insights from God's word but do you have your own place of worship? The place where you can openly and honestly respond to God without thought of anything but Him?

I read a quote a long time ago that said "Souls dealing directly with God have no curiosity to outside events." If I am praying or singing in church is there a part of me that is aware of what the people around me are doing or what they would think if I raised my hand - either in song or in response to an invitation?

Yea, there usually is.

This is why true worship begins in my kitchen, typically with some great music on that if I really listen I hear concepts in the lyrics that moves me to tears or praise (which are not mutually exclusive!)

Where do you worship?

Do you have a time and place where you respond to God with your whole being? When you come and sit in His presence and let the awesomeness of that realization wash over you; that you have an audience with God, the high and lifted up glorious God of Isaiah 6 that is surrounded by angels proclaiming incessantly that He is holy, and this same God is with you in this place, waiting to talk with you?

I hope so.

If your place is your kitchen, or your car, or on a walk, or in a certain spot in your house I sincerely pray that for those of you who read this (yes, actually by name!) that you will find both a place and the time to be alone and all there, body, soul, mind and spirit, with your God today.

True worship begins...

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