Friday, August 13, 2010

As a Unified Force

World War II
A time I always picture in grainy black and white footage...
My son is writing a Young Authors Story for school about the conflict in the Pacific and so he has been looking at a lot of books about the battles.

The number of casualties is staggering.
2400 at Pearl Harbor
5000 Allied troops on D-Day
1300 at Okinawa
400,000 killed while in the service and over 620,000 wounded.
Over 16,000,000 troops deployed worldwide during WW II.
These numbers are astounding!

Footage from the documentary WWII in HD, show the continual crowded oppressive conditions and not just in the ships, jungles, and assault teams. At home there are thousands of people, women mostly, pouring into the factories that ran 24/7 churning out ships and ammunition and war supplies; everyone doing their part for the war effort.

What you don’t see are individuals, only a unified force. Each individual in that force had reason to complain; although separated by us from sixty years they are just like us. The same needs, hurts, desires, and weaknesses yet all that is put aside – all their individual rights surrendered to one great cause.

What if we, as the Body of Christ, had that same perspective? What if we realized that we, no matter where we are, are part of a unified force of hundreds of thousands that Christ has on the planet currently to capture the hearts of the world for Him?

We’re Americans and our culture indoctrinates us with the idea that it’s all about me. Individual rights are paramount. My needs and desires trump everything else. No wonder we’re so ineffective in reaching the lost.

What if we had that mentality that after the bombing of Pearl Harbor sent thousands to the recruit offices to join the battle?
What if we could put aside our comforts and personal expectations to be part of the Body that will go forward together to battle Satan for precious souls?
What if we could just wrap our minds around the fact that it’s bigger than us, our church, our city, our area and that we are involved in a fight that although the victory was secured over 2,000 years ago that there are still beachheads to be taken?

I know this is not the way I think, but what if I did? What if I could understand the scope of the war we are in and understand my contribution to it? What if we all did?

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aspiemom said...

Awesome, Becky! Preach it!