Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting from here to there

When you’re on the road and attempting to get from here to there, there are two ways to do it. You can get out a map and plot all the possible ways or you can input the data into a GPS unit and then let it direct you step by step.

The difficulty of using a GPS and being directed turn by turn is that you don’t have the entire picture; all you have is the single command on the screen. When you’ve reached the end of that direction then you’ll be given the next.

I like maps, cumbersome as they are with all that folding and refolding. I like sitting down with a map all spread out and charting out the path, seeing the distance between points and understanding the big picture.

On our vacation we relied totally on the GPS and it was uncomfortably strange not to have the atlas in the pocket alongside the door. We had to travel from point to point, step by step, turn by turn the entire way.

What if God spread out His map of our lives across the table of our understanding? What if we could see the route with every twist and turn? Would we want to, to know what was around the next corner?

We don’t have that choice.
The choice we do have however is to follow the direction we’ve been given.
God knows how to get us from where we are to where we are to be.
When we’re beset by traffic or construction on our path although we’d like to find an alternate route through the frustration or the pain, this is the road we’re to be on; this is what God has brought into the journey.

I do not like not having a map. I want the ability to look at all the choices and decide what path to take. I want to control which road I’m on so trusting someone else’s judgment is not a simple thing…

But the difference is that this is no GPS system getting me from here to there but this is a faithful God who is journeying with me every step of the way until I am safely home.

With that as the case now I can say -

I don’t need to have the plan in hand
I don’t need to have the end in sight
All I need to do is follow you, wherever you lead
And do what you ask me too.

- Steve Green

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