Saturday, August 14, 2010

To all the invisible people

It’s been a hot sticky summer.
So since June my normal attire has been shorts, a tank top, and my long hair pulled up in a pony tail; but tonight, well tonight was going to be different. We were going out for a sunset lake cruise on a hundred year old wooden boat by invitation of friends renewing their wedding vows. This was going to be special.

I got my hair cut, wore it down, and even curled it to go along with a new dress and jewelry; I hardly recognized the reflection of the mirror! It felt good to look good for a change.
Coming downstairs I expect someone to notice and comment and… no one did.
After assuring my husband his shirt looked good, replying to my son mumbling about some computer something or another, and getting markers for my daughter and her friends; I left the house feeling like the invisible woman.

I’m not the first to feel invisible.

God has promised Abraham a son and being unable to conceive with Sarah, she gave him her servant Hagar to bear a son; and then Hagar gets pregnant and Sarah despises her and mistreats her until Hagar flees in desperation into the desert, alone and unwanted.

But God... (there's a whole world of study in those two words isn't there?) but God met her there in her invisibility; so much so that she gave God the name El-roi which means “the God who sees me” (Genesis 16:13) She knew she may be despised by Sarah but she was not inconsequential to the Maker of the universe. She was seen and cared for by God.

No matter how blind the eyes that surround you, He is, and always will be, the God who sees you.

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aspiemom said...

I'm certain you looked beautiful, Becky. ((((hugs))))