Thursday, December 23, 2010

Isotoner (g)love

I live on the cheap side of life.
Not necessarily frugal as that implies thoughtful comparison of price to quality, I'm just cheap. Why pay $10 when you can get something "just as good" for $2?

Of course a low price can mean cheap goods like the many pairs of stretchy knit "magic" gloves that are in singles throughout my house. I pulled a pair on and discovered holes between 3 of the 5 fingers - and these were the new ones! Highly ineffective in single degree temperatures!

But as I was doing Christmas shopping I saw them, and I bought them, a pair of isotoner gloves. They slid onto my hands seamlessly and snugly cocooned them in sleek warmth. It's hard to believe that what I had been wearing and what I wore now could both be considered gloves!

Christmas is a season of loving. We endeavor through our gift giving to communicate that we love someone I mean seriously, what else would have someone out in the stores at this time of year?! This is the time that we say "When I saw this I thought of how much joy it would bring you and I want you to be happy because I care about you."

But no matter how extravagant my gifts are they are like stretchy knit gloves compared to the love shown by the manager. For in the manager God sends a message; He gave us Himself so that we could experience the joy of His presence both in our lives now and forever.

This love was not cheap but of the highest quality and price. It is the love of the God of the universe offering to adopt us as his own children and thereby taking on Himself the responsibility for all our care both now and always.

This, this is how loves looks and feels. This is love that fits snugly around our hearts and keeps us safe and warm.


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Lisa said...

This is beautiful! God's love does fit perfectly. It is the answer to all my questions and concerns. His love is amazing! I love the analogy you used.
Thanks for this great post!
Merry Christmas!