Friday, December 17, 2010


I've have this amazing ball of yarn - it's soft and warm and has this fantastic coloring.

It is simply a ball of potential!

In my hands this yarn will become a scarf. Those are the tools I have and that is the knowledge I possess. But in the hands of someone else, with different tools and other ideas, it could become a garment of warmth, or a thing of great beauty. An artist would look at this yarn and see possibilities I'd never imagine. An expert in yarn craft could construct an item I'd never considered.

The ball of yarn remains the same - with its particular mix of characteristics - but its potential outcome is all dependent on in whose hands it lies...

We all are a mix of experiences, personalities, temperaments, and talents.

We are all lives full of potential..

So the question is what to do with them? How to craft who we are with what we have into a significant contribution and lasting legacy?

My hands are not that talented or capable, merely adequate.

What if I put this into the hands of an artist? A creator? An expert?

What if I took this life of mine and placed it in God’s hands thereby granting Him permission to do whatever He desired with me? and how? and when?

Would He drop the ball?
Would He make a scarf?
Or would He, who actually spun this yarn to be just the way that it is, work with it, as only one can who is intimately familiar with its characteristics, until it is what He’d envisioned it would be all along?

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Lisa said...

This is beautiful! I want to place my life in God's hands and let Him create me who He desires me to be.
Thanks for this great post!