Friday, February 18, 2011

The incredible power of presence

I would love to do great things.
To have, someday, a obituary that was a full fat paragraph of the profound life I've lived.

Leader of this, influencer of that, and that there would be so many great accomplishments that they'd  have to be sorted in greatness so as not to exceed the allotted word count.

But I find that to this point my "accomplishments" are not remarkable; as a matter of fact they're pretty mundane and can be contained in a single sentence...

"Wife of...
Mother of....
Daughter of....
Friend to....
Worker in..."

I find my contribution to society largely has just been being a part of it. There are no books with my name, no articles with my byline. No sonnets, no sculptures, and no amazing business formulas that have revolutionized the economy.

What there has been are lots of scribblings of thoughts and lunch bag doodles, homework done,  play times,washed clothes, homework done, meals made, vacations taken, groceries bought, prepared, and cleaned up from, people shuttled from here to there and did I mention all the homework??

And when the homework is done (for the moment) there are the conversations - with the kids about friends, and teachers, and sports, and silly ideas and statistics (don't ask) and all that whirls around in their head and  then conversations with the husband concerning plans and finances and schedules and the future. And then there are the emails, coffee dates, and lunch gatherings with friends where the river of words flow freely over both the mundane and the profound. 

What I am, and what you are, is present.
And as simple as it sounds, it's an amazing thing.

I think of so many times when I needed someone to be there for me, and there was and it strengthened, encouraged, and comforted me. Knowing that I was not going to have to deal with this alone gave me courage to keep on going.

But I also know of the despair when there is no one there to care. Muted screams for help because there's no one to hear. Abandoned and alone.

But when there is someone there...It is a  security that stabilizes as a solid foundation; being able to address and email or pick up a phone knowing that on the other end there is someone in your world.


Able to be counted on.

There. For. You.

And while you could make a list of those for whose presence you are grateful, realize that there are many who would write your name on their list. Those for whom your presence makes them strong and able.

I may never be "great"
But I can choose to be present.

Perhaps, after all, a single sentence is more than enough...

"Becky Eppley - wife of, daughter of, mother of, friend to - present, throughout her life, to those she loved."

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chrisd said...

Awesome! Is "present" your word for the year?