Thursday, March 17, 2011

The other side of the coin

I hate housework.

Well, not really housework as I have no problem with laundry and vacuuming and dusting but what drives me nuts is the work it takes to even get to the housework!There's the rounding up socks and clothing from every conceivable place in the house (I don't know why laundry chute is so difficult for them to use!) or clearing the floors of books and paper airplanes and  miscellanea to even find the carpet to clean!
The mess and disorder are non-stop, empty surfaces are suddenly piled, a cleared dinning table after breakfast has attracted  new mountainous mayhem by dinner.
It's all akin to trying to shovel the sidewalk while there's still a blizzard going on!!!

The fact is there is a blizzard going on and it's called a family.
A family that is growing and learning and attempting things. A family that is bringing home more books, new  concepts and trying other hobbies and activities. This blizzard is the result of a home full of active people and I need to embrace that for I know that one day I will clear off a table and it will stay clear. One day the only scattered socks may be the ones I dropped on the floor, there will no longer be spilled milk or plates of old pizza discovered deep under the couch after a  family movie night...

It's tricky, in the middle of it all, to recognize the gift of being in the middle of it all.

For those in ministry when it takes every available minute and asks for energy beyond your reserves, hear from this one who has been sidelined and is just waiting to be put back into the game, or from my friend who is just dying to have a place to preach again, you are blessed that you are the tool God has in his hand and using for His glory.

For those who tire of every single day getting up and going to the same job, hear from those who have lost the ability to be part of the daily grind...

For us who complain about the soaring gas prices, may there be gratitude that we have a vehicle which needs to be filled.

It has been said we should thank God for dirty dishes for it means there has been food to eat.
How true.

May God this day give you eyes to see the flip side of whatever weighs you down. That an older parent to care for is a parent you still have, a mess to clean up is because of the presence of a mess maker, a meal to prepare is because there is money for provisions, and a shared burden  is because there is a friend who values you.
Thank you Lord for the blizzards in our lives for we know that You have equipped us for them and are continually by our side through them.

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