Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spoken For

Her name was Bella and it suited her, for she was indeed beautiful.

Her beauty came from her uniqueness. None other was constructed such as she. No one else had her combination of mind, experiences, personality, talents, and passions, and no one could make her unique contribution to the world, nor would there ever be one like her, and this made her "bella," beautiful.

She was finding her way in the world when he approached her; suave and debonair, he took her hand and whispered enticements in her ear of parties and popularity and unending fun. If only she would come with him, he would give her a world of pleasure. She raised her hand as he held it, looked squarely into his eyes and said “No.”

It was not much further until she was again approached. His suit was exquisite, his taste impeccable, he dripped money and smelled of success. He held out his hand: “Come with me and you will know what it’s like at the top. You’ll have power and prestige and any and everything your heart desires. I know the way: I’ll take you there.” She’d raised her hand to join his and then changed her gesture to a dismissing wave.

The next came bearing flowers, with a voice like music and a body like a fantasy. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he boldly drew her into him, his breath caressing her face. “Bella, you are beautiful, and I am beautiful. Come, we will have a life of romance, of free expression and unbridled passion. I love you for you are so beautiful, and I will be all you ever need.” She brought her hands up onto his chest, and as he leaned in for the conqueror’s kiss and she pushed him back.

There were others, many others all coming with their enticements and promises. They were smooth. They were enviable. They would sweep any girl off her feet, to join her hand with his and ask that she give over her life to his control--any girl except for her, because as each suitor came her way she need only glance at her hand to remind her that her heart was already spoken for.

He, with nailed-pierced hands, had come to her and invited her to be His.

She had given her heart to Him, and He had proudly declared to all “This one’s mine!”

She had a ring on her finger, the dress in her closet, and the promise of His coming.

She would maintain her purity as she waited for her Groom, no matter how appealing the suitors, because she was assured that  her heart was already spoken for.

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