Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An absolutely ridiculous but tasty comparison

I think it was Kathy's idea initially, this whole "everyone bring a box of cereal and we'll combine them", concept. Some college town had started a restaurant with this theme and the kids could come in their pajamas, make a cereal conglomeration and watch cartoons on big screens throughout the room. So, hey, why shouldn't we try it?!

We were meeting for a very atypical Friday morning breakfast so we showed up with our cereal and discovered... that we are all very practical women.

There was a special K, oatmeal squares, raisin bran, and a kashi cereal. We are all too boring! (and apparently healthy!) But I'd grabbed the captain crunch with crunchberries and it looked like sprinkles for breakfast cereal!

Life is so often like all our healthy cereals; plain, bland, practical, quite roughly textured and hard to digest.

But friends are the crunch berries in it all: they bring to our lives color and brightness, times of laughter and joy.

There's no getting around doing what needs to be done, and dealing with the issues that come into our lives but there is no reason we have to go through all this alone.

It has been written that a friend is a gift you give to yourself.

If that is the case, then my friends are a box of crunch berries, and they bring sweetness, joy, and color into my life.

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