Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Gift of Many Gifts

The gift sat under the tree.
It was beautiful; a gold box wrapped in red ribbon and it was for me.

It was so lovely just sitting there that I hesitated to open it.
There was great joy in both its presentation and the anticipation of what was inside!
But it didn’t take long until I slipped off the bow and removed the golden lid.

I found, to my surprise, that it was filled with more gifts!
The giving was to continue.
My gift box turned out to be really holding many gifts.

The Gift of Christmas is Christ; come as a babe to a manger, on His way to a cross for our redemption.

So, as you’ve accepted the golden box containing your gift of atonement and assurance of heaven, the question is, have you opened it up and discovered all the other gifts in store for you that come from having this personal relationship with Christ?

Peace no matter what the circumstances?

Joy when there’s no cause for happiness?

Love when nothing about you seems deserving of affection?

Assurance that whatever the future holds you do not go there alone?

You’ll find all these gifts and more in this gift of Christ you’ve already received. Gifts that you never come to the end of opening.
Tied up with ribbons and just waiting for you.

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