Friday, January 16, 2009

The "magic" of a fervent relationship

I am easily amused...
distracted... (what was I saying? I got lost there in the synonyms...)

Oh yes. Easily engaged.
Currently I am fascinated by something called a magic mug.

It looks like a regular black coffee mug

and then, suddenly, pictures appear all over the mug. So much fun!

But the liquid cools, the pictures fade until they sad.

I am a vessel.
When I am filled with a passionate love for my Savior, His image is apparent to the world.

When I let the concerns and circumstances of this life cool my fervor, His image is no longer as apparent.
Only the vessel remains visible with its blank surface...

No one can stir up the embers of my heart but me.
Only time with Him will cause my heart to burn for Him.

Only when I am in fervent relationship with Him will His image be clearly visible, not because of my service, or my effort, but simply because that is the way He has made us.

We are "magic mugs".
What are you filled with?

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