Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hope in a Grocery Cart

I was just running in for juice boxes...

(Yep, you know the rest of the story!)

And I came out with a cart full!
(Don't even pretend you don't do the same thing all the time too...)

As I was loading my groceries into the car I was struck by how diverse they were and what they represent:

A big box of strawberries
- not too ridiculously priced and such a welcome treat in the middle of winter!

Individual bottles of juice instead of more drink pouches
- in hopes that we can all drink a little less sugar

- The Superbowl is around the corner and I need to be ready for the "big party" (even though it's just us)

Cardstock and glue
- Valentine's Day projects are coming and I need to be prepared so my kids can have what they need.

Individually wrapped Muffins
- the stockpile of pastries in my Sunday School room is down to one package

Some new clothes
- because they're on winter clearance even though they're basic wardrobe pieces
(you've got to love that!)

A new exercise DVD
- hopefully I've found something to get me moving so the next time I buy clothes...
(in spite of the snacks and muffins!)

Clorox wipes in decorative containers
- Anything that makes housework easier and more "fun" is in my cart!

What a list!
In one cart were provisions for crafts, entertainment, health, personal enrichment, and household management and all this in less than an hour of shopping.

To you who run a household; it's amazing what you do and how something as simple as a trip to the store can reflect all the hopes you hold for your family.

(even if you get home and realize you forgot to get milk!!)

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