Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blooming Tea

I've just discovered something beautiful and amazing and it's commonly known as "Blooming Tea".

These are made of tea leaves that are hand-sewn into bundles. They're small and tight and not very attractive and there's no indication of what is hidden inside...

But...when these are placed in a teapot and boiling water is poured over them they blossom right before your eyes. (You can watch it here and I suggest you do!)

Wow, what a surprise! It's incredible how hundreds of individual tea leaves carefully joined together can, under the right conditions produce something beautiful and good for you.

It reminds one of Romans 8:28 doesn't it? If a tea crafter can select individual, unrelated tea leaves and bind them together into one tea ball that reveals a whole greater than the individual parts, then why do we doubt that God can not and is not doing the same thing with all that happens in our lives?

No, really, I'm asking that. How is it that we have a view of God that is so small that we assume that the trouble and trials in our lives are occurring without His knowledge and for absolutely no reason?

We have no way of knowing how what we are experiencing now will be used in what is in our future. I Corinthians 1:3 tells us that "For when God comforts us, it is so that we, in turn, can be an encouragement to you." and you know how that has already been true in your life; how because of your experience you've been able to relate to and encourage someone else going through something similar. I have some friends struggling to maintain a pregnancy who were just introduced to a couple who had the same experience last year and the comfort and understanding they've received from connecting with them is beyond description. Perhaps you've been in such a place and found hope because of someone else relating their pain and the hope they'd found through it and realize that you can too.

Now the tea flower needs to have boiling or near boiling water poured over it to activate the changes, and none of us have any desire for that to happen in our lives. I'd like my life cool and temperate thank you very much, no boiling stresses or circumstances for me! But, when those times come (and they will) perhaps all the things you've been learning in your time with the Father will reveal that He's been doing a work in your life, hidden to you, but one that now brings both honor and glory to His name. Perhaps as you obey His voice in the small everyday kinds of things that He brings to your heart, He is working in you something that someday will be revealed as far greater and more amazing than we could ever imagine...

Who would think a dried up walnut shaped pod could become a large blooming flower filling a pot of hot water with an aromatic and healthful beverage? And if men could invent this, what might God be planning in our lives?

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