Monday, September 21, 2009


I don't think I would have seen it had it not been for the Boy Scout scrapbook I'd started last year for Robbie. On the cover I put the picture of him at the house. The picture by the lake is from this year and he hardly looks like the same kid...!!!

In just one year he's lost that little boy look and is beginning to look like the teen he almost is. How did that happen and what did they do with my little boy?!?

He loves the fact that he's a mere 1/2 inch shorter than I am and I still can't believe the fact that I can talk to him eye to eye now without having to bend over. I knew this would happen, of course it's sooner than I'd thought, but he's maturing.

Are we?
What does it look like for us?
Is it connected to wrinkles and stray facial hair?

What do mature souls look like?

Consider this quote:

Continue to be soft and pliable in the Lord’s hands and out of that relationship will come the things that define you at the deepest level of your heart—revealing to yourself and others what you are really about—what moves you, motivates you, and forms your true longings. These longings come from God’s heart touching yours—resulting in the things that He will work in you and bring to pass through your life. (Based upon Psalm 37:4) by Roy Lessin

I think that as we mature in our relationship with our God that unlike the human process of becoming more independent as we grow up, we become increasingly dependent on Him. Christ welcomed the children and said that one needed a child-like faith to come to Him. Is it not true that the more we get to know Him that we realize both how greatly we need Him and how much we can depend on Him?

Could the measure of our maturity be what it takes to get us on our knees?

Seriously, think about that - what puts you on your knees?
How much does it take or how bad does it have to be until you realize that you can't do it on your own and need God? When God wants you to come before Him what does He have to do to get your attention? Call your name? Shout? Put up a neon sign in your pathway? Or as in Balaam's case, an invisible angel with a flaming sword and a talking donkey?

How soft and pliable are we in His hands?
How quickly do we yield to His rearranging of our plans to accomplish His plan which of course we know nothing about? How long does it take us to unbegrudgingly and sincerely say "Thy will be done"?

So as our children grow and our bodies age, are our hearts growing more pliable in the Father's hands? Are we maturing too?

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