Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's in there!

This is my Mp3 player and it contains my entire library of music. Whatever kind of music I want, it’s in there; whether it be some energetic working music, relaxing mellow jazz, or praise and worship (both contemplative and upbeat) it’s in there.

But sadly that's not enough because although it's in there I have to be able to get it out to bring it into my life. The fact that I have a repository of a thousand songs doesn't mean much if I can't hear it.
Enter, the speakers. I plug them into my player and now there's music!

So also is God's Word - it's in there - all that we need for every problem, each question and difficulty, the answer is in there for the book contains God's revelation of Himself. He is both what and all that we need.

The Bible doesn't do me much good sitting, unopened, on a desk.
I have to plug in to it, only then will its truths be audible in my life.
What do I need to tune into today?

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