Friday, June 11, 2010

The Power of a Director

Tonight was the end of year concert for Katie and her neighborhood Chicago Children's Choir. Apparently it's also one of the few concerts that her brother has attended because part way through he leaned over and said, "That conductor guy doesn't do much does he?" When I asked what he meant he replied, "They already know all the words so all he's doing is standing there."

Bless his little tone deaf heart, he's never stood in front of a conductor so he had no idea of how the whole thing works!

I can't help but wonder if that's what being a Christian looks like to an unbeliever.

They can see we have a God and that we gather together to go to church but that is the extent of their understanding; God doesn't seem to be of much consequence.

Ah, but we who have stood in front of a conductor know differently. He must have our constant attention so we can to correctly respond to every nuance of his direction. This is being Spirit lead, keeping our eyes on Christ, ready to do as He asks; this is the power Christ has in us!

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