Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your Inbox

I was welcomed home by this screen. Wow, 20 messages in one day - that's a lot for me...!
I scrolled through the senders and subject lines...scrolling... scrolling...scrolling down, than scrolling up and there it was, the one message I really needed to read. The rest were sales and opportunities, chatter from facebook and notification of upcoming sales...all stuff that could have been addressed to me or a thousand of my closest friends - the cyberspace equivalent to snail mail's "To the resident of..."

We are bombarded with words. Now more than ever with printed words and ads and emails and texts and twitter. Just messages flying at us all day every day. Indiscriminately.

In all those words, messages and kilobytes only one was really for my actual benefit and not a store's bottom line or someone else's agenda. There was one message that was truth and encouragement, the quality hidden amongst the quantity.

Things clamor all day every day for your attention.
Does the most important message get through all the verbiage?
Did you hear from God today? Did you take the opportunity to turn the pages and find His words of love and encouragement, of honesty and hope that He has for you this day?

There is no end in the Inbox of your life to people asking you for this or that, or telling you what to do and when and how, or how you didn't do this or that. There's the constant presentation of offers you can't refuse or opportunities you shouldn't...but do you hear that still small voice? Do you hear the voice that says you are loved and that "I am with you", not merely in presence as in "God is everywhere" but with you, involved in your life, mindful of your concerns, aware of your situation. Did you open that message today? It's there, waiting...

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