Sunday, September 12, 2010

When I was in the dark...

So here I am in the country tonight stumbling around the front lawn in the dark. The dew has already set as the hem of my pants is quickly soaking up all the moisture. It is dark out here! So dark that you can see the stars – and I mean all the stars not just the few bright ones you can usually see!

I’m out here wandering because of an app on my phone called Goggle Sky Map – it claimed that you could point it at the sky and it would show you the stars and constellation you were seeing and guess what? It really did!

Suddenly I knew that really bright star to the right was actually Jupiter and sure enough that familiar W shape was indeed Cassiopeia. As I turned, moved, and ended up down the street, the map adjusted with me; although I could not see where I going in the darkness the GPS satellites via the phone were still tracking me. So not only was it known where I was, it presented the stars location in relation to my position.

Just because I was in the dark didn’t mean I was lost.
I may have been stumbling around blindly but my location was known.

Oddly enough I kept finding the same constellation above me - it’s called Cygnus, and it looks like the photo on this post.

Symbolically, for one stumbling around in darkness, it is also known as the Northern Cross...

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