Monday, October 25, 2010

1-800-4UR- HELP

It's happened.
I knew it would although I was hoping it wouldn't  for at least a few more years; but it's already happened twice...

I had to phone a friend.
For help.
With my son's homework...

I knew eventually he'd be in a subject I couldn't help him with and I expected it to be Calculus or Honors Biology; surely I could be the expert on all things through elementary school and Jr. High...


And it even gets worse than that; last night when I was talking to the friend having it explained to me so I could explain it to him I couldn't understand it and had to turn the phone over to my son to hear the explanation and who understood it immediately! (and I'm still not clear on the whole subject...)

There comes these times when we don't have the answer; as much as we want to and as desirous as we are to help, we can't.
But we know One who can.
He has promised to give wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5). We know that He desires for us to walk in His ways and follow His commands so God will not be grudging in giving answers to those who are seeking Him.

But, like my son last night, I couldn't get the answer and then give it to him.  He had to get it from the source himself. We can pray for those around us who are seeking answers and whose problems exceed our ability to advise. We can lead them to the Source of all answers but they must do the asking as we cannot ask for them.

And therein will they not learn the bigger truth? Beyond help for the immediate need they will know what it means to seek God and isn't that truly the greatest lesson of all?

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