Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Showers of Blessings

There are experiences that cannot be described adequately by words or captured on film and walking through a boulevard of trees as the leaves rain down on you and crunch underfoot is one of those inexplicable and heart-awing moments.

You are surrounded by beauty, so stunning you are silenced as you watch the glorious color that is over you and also swirling around and showering down. And then these leaves remain on the pathway, audible reminders of their presence completing this whole multi-sensory immersion into the grandeur of Fall.

It is the season of gratitude; of open eyes to the majesty of God's faithful care over us and the blessings He showers down upon us. It is the perfect time to realize that as the leaves falling from the trees are many, so also have been our blessings.

Typically my family will make lists around Thanksgiving of what they are grateful for but this year it is time to visualize the blessings as they're showered on us - not in neat rows and an chronological times but by the handfuls and scattered throughout life. This year I will write my blessings on paper leaves and make a pile - a glorious, messy, taking-over-the-table type of pile and thereby remember that is how generous God is and how much I have been blessed.

How great is our God and how much we should praise Him! Psalms 48:1

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