Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God bless "Don Jose"!

My daughter is in the opera Carmen at the Lyric Opera in Chicago.  This is a big deal as it's not a small town hall kind of presentation. The fact that the main floor tickets are $194 should tell you something in itself!

At last night's performance Yonghoon Lee, who is in the starring role of "Don Jose", brought in a cookie cake to the children's chorus and on it he'd had written "Jesus loves you very much".

Yonghoon Lee is South Korean and Katie says seems to speak broken English.  He is young and a rapidly rising star in the opera word with a smooth powerful voice. Everything about him could say "diva" but this star chose to share his faith with a group of children.

His ingenuity speaks to his passion for Christ.
This was something he never "had" to do yet went out of his way to do as a witness.
Think about this (as I've done nothing but think about it since she came home with this news). He's leaving Chicago soon as the performances are ending. The only contact he has with the children is briefly on stage in the first act. Yet, apparently he so desired to tell them that Jesus loves them that he found a way to do it.

I find it extremely hard to witness. I worry about what people will think of me and if what I say will come out "right".  I wait and wait and wait for the perfect time and opportunity - which of course never seems to come - yet this young man made an opportunity and chose words to share despite what this would cause others to think.

Sadly Katie tells me that some of the kids now think he's a freak... however I think he's a shinning testimony to me of the kind of witness I, and all of us who love the Lord, should be.

May God bless Yonghoon Lee and bring many to Himself because of this man's bold and faithful witness!

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chrisd said...

And it's too bad about those kids calling him names. Society preaches tolerance but they don't do it.